Bedford County, Tennessee
Chancery Court Records
Volume 1, Part 3, 1840-1848

Last update 22 November 2008

This index was created by Steve and Brenda Carson, GSC Associates Historical Record Products, from the Volume on Microfilm Roll 27 of Bedford County, Tennessee records at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Note: This index was started from a transcription of the index to cases at the beginning of the volume but was expanded to include most names that occur in the volume.

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Name / Style of Case Pages
, Abram, slave 56
, Alexander, slave 439
, Alfred, slave 4, 31
, America, slave 321
, Ana, slave 30
, Andrew, slave 439
, Ann, slave 15, 325
, Barbary and child, slave 30
, Bell, slave 4, 30
, Benny, slave 30
, Betsy, slave 4, 15, 30
, Big Anna, slave 439
, Bill, slave 439
, Burton, slave 439
, Cala, slave 30
, Cassie, slave 338
, Chaney (female) , slave 338
, Charity, slave 439
, Charles, slave 30
, Chloe, slave 439
, Clarissa, slave 30
, Clima?, slave 439
, Cupid, slave 439
, Dock, slave 30
, Edmund, slave 208
, Edmund, slave 439
, Eliza, slave 321
, Ellis, slave 338
, Emily, slave 439
, Fanny, slave 439
, Frankey, female slave 4
, Frankie, slave 439
, Gabriel, slave 49, 439
, Garth, slave 30
, Ginny, slave 30
, Goodlow, female slave 4
, Granderson, slave 4
, Granville, slave 325
, Green, slave 30
, Hale, slave 4
, Haley, slave 4
, Hartwell, slave 4
, Henry, slave 30
, Hester, slave 30
, Hillard slave, 439
, Humphrey, slave 30
, Isaac, slave 4, 30
, Israel, slave 439
, Jackson, slave 15
, James, slave 30
, Jane, slave 30
, Janie, slave 321
, Jerry, slave 439
, Jessee, slave 439
, John, slave 439
, Joseph, slave 408
, Julia, slave 325
, Kate and child, slaves 30
, Kit and child, slaves 30
, Kitty, slave 439
, Kizah, slave 439
, Leanna, slave 4
, Leonard, slave 31
, Lewis, slave 30
, Little Sylvia 439
, Little, slave 30
, Lucy, slave 15
, Maggie, slave, 439
, Mariah, slave 321, 325, 439
, Marion, slave 439
, Martha, slave 439
, Mary, slave 321, 439
, Matilda, slave 439
, Mima, slave 208
, Minerva, slave 325
, Minervy, slave 4
, Nancy, slave 321, 439
, Nelson, slave 56
, Patsey, slave 4
, Peter, slave 439
, Rose, slave, 439
, Sandy, slave 208, and 439
, Shirley, slave 325
, Simon, slave 439
, Wade, slave 439
, Wiley, slave 30
, William, slave 30
, Yell, slave 30
Alabama 136, 274
Albemarle Parish, Sussex County, Virginia 335
Albright, Louisa 104
Albright, William and Louisa his wife, William Wood, Ann Wood, Robert Wood, Luis? Albright, Handy Wood, John Thompson and Elizabeth his wife, Silas [Wood?] and Sarah his wife, Vestal [Wood?] and Mary his wife, Washington,?, Martha Wood, Lafayette Wood, Maria Wood, and Lenoir [Wood?], the five last being minors who sue by their next friend William Albright, heirs of Lewis? Wood, deceased late of Orange County, North Carolina versus Enoch Trott and Clement Cannon 104
Alexander, Catherine, deceased 279
Alexander, Nathaniel, deceased 279
Allan, Alexander 92, 228
Allen, Alexander versus Solomon Brown 179
Allen, Cyrus R. 256
Allen, William A. 92
Allison, Robert, deceased 315
Allison, Thomas, executor of Robert Allison, deceased 315
Anderson, H. L. 54
Anderson, John H. 29
Anderson, Kenneth L. 221
Anderson, Samuel 55
Arkansas 132
Arnett, Littleton 215
Arnett, Sarah 215
Arnett?, Joshua and Adam Frelick, citizens of Autauga County Alabama, versus Jacob Harrison, who lately resided also in the state of Alabama but who is now in Bedford County, Tennessee and James Burton 162
Arnold, James H. 28
Arnold, Louisa H. 28
Arnold, Robert S. 14
Atkins, Henderson W. 173
Atkins, Mary B. versus Henderson W. Atkins, William W. Taylor, John Motlow, and William Jolly 173
Autauga County Alabama 162
Baltimore, Maryland 116
Bank of Tennessee at Shelbyville 107
Bearden, Alan 170
Bearden, Eli, deceased 170
Bearden, Elizabeth 170
Bearden, John S. 170
Bearden, John T. 170
Bearden, Nancy, widow of Eli Bearden, Willis Bearden, William B. Hicks and his wife Minerva, Nimrod Bearden, James G. Harris? and wife Charlotte, John S. Bearden, Nathan Bearden, George T. Walsh and his wife Nancy, heirs of Eli Bearden, Wynn Bearden, Alan Bearden, Elizabeth Bearden by their next for and John T. Bearden, exparte petition to lay off Dower and sell land 170
Bearden, Nathan 170
Bearden, Willis 170
Bearden, Wynn 170
Benton County, Alabama 117
Benton, James 321
Blackman, Benjamin 262
Blackman, Caroline 262
Blackman, Catherine 262
Blackman, Eleanor 262
Blackman, Elisha 262
Blackman, James J. 262
Blackman, Jeremiah 262
Blackman, John E. 262
Blackman, Joseph B. 262
Blackman, Litha, deceased 263
Blackman, Mary 262
Blackman, Nelson and Susan his wife, William Redden, Joseph Redden, John Redden, David Davenport and his wife Emaline formally Emaline Redden, Mathilda Redden, William Calhoun and Martha his wife, formally Martha Redden, Elizabeth Redden and Robert Redden the last of whom are minors and sue by their best friend Mark Redden all of whom are citizens of coffee County, Tennessee; Elisha Blackman and Susanna his wife, formally Susanna Redden, Joseph B. Blackman, Jeremiah Blackman, John E. Blackman, Caroline Blackman, Eleanor Blackman and Mary Blackman the four last of whom are minors and sued by their guardian Benjamin Blackman all of whom are citizens of Lancaster district in the state of South Carolina; David Chase and Catherine his wife, formally Catherine Blackman, James J. Blackman and Burrell J. Johnson who are citizens of Harris County and the state of Georgia versus John Johnson, administrator of Joseph Johnson, deceased and Susanna Johnson, citizens of coffee County Tennessee 262
Blackman, Susan 262
Blackman, Susanna 262
Blackwell, John Jr. 56
Blakemore, John G. A. versus James Wilson of Marshall County, Tennessee 154
Blanton, William 116
Bowlin, Smith, a citizen of Rutherford County, Tennessee versus Nehemiah Sugg and William Sugg 153
Boyd M. Sims 234
Brame, William B. M. 242
Braughton, Benjamin 388
Braughton, Mary Elizabeth 388
Brooks, Cornell 96
Brown, Benjamin 141
Brown, Daniel C. 217
Brown, Elizabeth 217
Brown, Henry 217
Brown, Hiram?  217
Brown, Jesse 217
Brown, John 217
Brown, Rachel 217
Brown, Solomon 179
Brown, Thomas 217
Brown, William 110, 217
Brown, William versus Gabriel B. Knight and James Sadler 114
Brown, William versus Herbert Smith and Alexander Alan 228
Brown, William versus James Sadler and Samuel Doak 237
Burditt, Elizabeth G. 1
Burditt, Giles P. 1
Burditt, Hampton 1
Burditt, Kenneth G. 1
Burditt, Matilda 1
Burditt, Samuel S. 1
Burditt, Sarah 1
Burditt, William H. 1
Burditt, William, deceased. 1
Burnett, Elizabeth M. 221
Burnett, William 221
Burrow, Freeman versus William Burrow, Robert S. Arnold, and Cuddly P. S. House 14
Burrow, William 14
Burton, James 162
Bussey, George versus William A. Gant heirs: his brothers and sisters Abraham B. Gant, a citizen of Wayne County, Tennessee, Jessee B. Gant and Samuel Hartson and wife Nancy, a sister of said William A., citizen of Hardin County, Tennessee, A. Gifford and wife Sarah Caroline, Benjamin Braughton and wife Mary Elizabeth Braughton, Lewis G. Ray, Martha Colvin, John Colvin, James Gant, Lewis Gant, Elizabeth Gant, John Gant, William Gant, Eliza Jane Gant 388
Caddo Parish, Louisiana 234
Calhoun, Martha 262
Calhoun, William 262
Calvin, George 29
Campbell, Arthur 418
Campbell, Elizabeth 418
Cannon, Clement 101, 104
Cannon, Jason H. S. 61
Cannon, Lily 61
Cannon, Lily Sr. 61
Cannon, Martha M. 61
Cannon, Minos 87
Cannon, Robert 139
Cannon, Robert T and., administrator of Archibald Dobson 143
Cannon, Robert versus Walter H. Sims and John G. Sims 229
Cannon, Samuel S., Martha M., Jason H. S., and Liley Cannon, Minors under the Age of 21 Years who sue by their Guardian Liley Cannon Sr. versus William Pratt and his wife Catherine and George Pratt 61
Cavin, William 1
Charlotte Head, 215
Chase, Catherine 262
Chase, David 262
Christian, James 240
Clagett, Horacio G. 453
Claxton, James 141
Cobb, John W. versus Andrew R. Wood and Wiley F. Daniel 72
Coble, Jacob 14
Coble, Neely 29
Coble, Neely S. 242
Coffee County Tennessee 110, 262, 244, 291
Coleman, Alexander 159
Coleman, Allen 159
Coleman, Jesse 159
Colvin, John 388
Colvin, Martha 388
Conn, Paulina 1
Conn, William 1
Connally, George Anderson 41
Connally, Thomas C. and George Anderson Connally, merchants partners and trade under the firm and style of T. C. Connally and Brother, citizens of Madison County Tennessee versus James Thompson, Newcomb Thompson, and Martha Thompson of Bedford County Tennessee and Calvin Thompson whose residence is unknown 41
Connecticut 144
Cooper, Charles 280
Cooper, John B. 130
Cooper, John L. 279
Cooper, Micajah D. 244
Couch, Joseph 170
Cowan, William G. 85
Cowan, William G. versus G. W. Fogleman, Fordyke? Wilson, and Ebenezer Wilson 22
Crook, Coleman R. 315
Crook, Colia? S. 315
Crook, Eliza P. 315
Crook, Elizabeth M. 315
Crook, Francis C. 315
Crook, John 315
Crook, Mary Jane 315
Crook, Ruthie B. 315
Cross, Uriah 139
Culley, Bennett 70
Cummings, John B. 101
Cunningham, Benjamin B. 340
Cunningham, Benjamin B., deceased 340
Cunningham, James 364
Cunningham, Joseph A. 221
Cunningham, Joseph A. 340
Cunningham, Joseph H. 364
Cunningham, Langston  C. 340
Cunningham, Langston Jr. 364
Cunningham, Lucy Ann 340
Cunningham, Lucy Ann 340
Cunningham, Mary Elizabeth 340
Cunningham, Nancy E. 340
Cunningham, Nancy, widow and relict of Langston Cunningham 364
Cunningham, Regiah 340
Cunningham, Richard Jr. 364
Cunningham, Sergeant 340
Cunningham, William 364
Cunningham, William W. 340
Daniel, Wiley F. 72
Davenport, David 262
Davenport, Emaline 262
Davidson County, Tennessee 186
Davidson, George 394
Davidson, George versus Douglas Wood and Company 19
Davidson, George versus Samuel Jones and Neely S. Coble 242
Davis, Charlotte 208
Davis, Mary R. 208
Davis, Thomas 394
Davis, Thomas versus John S. and Shanks and David Green, citizens of Missouri 52
Dean, John versus John Nichols 203
Dean, Thomas 412
Deery, James versus John Hastings and Samuel Pollack, a citizen of Benton County, Alabama 117
Doak, Samuel 115, 119, 237
Doak, Samuel versus Hiram Edde and Thomas Dean 412
Doak, Samuel versus James Smith, Michael Holt Jr., and Joshua Holt 56
Dobson, Archibald 143
Dobson, Blackman G. 220
Dobson, Martha Jane 220
Dobson, Mary 143
Doddy’s Creek 242
Doley, James A. 279
Douglas Wood and Company 19
Douglas, Henry L. 20
Eakin, Alexander 85
Eakin, John 85
Earp, Hooper and Wolf 313
Earp, Robert 313
Edde, Hiram 87, 412
Edwards , Lucy E 340
Edwards ,David 340
Edwards, James C. 340
Edwards, Jessee R., administrator of the estate of John Cunningham Sr., 340
Ellis, Jeremiah 186
Evans, Green 56
Ewing, Stephen S. 15
Fogleman, G. W. 22
Fogleman, George W. versus John R. Jones 107
Fonville, Israel, 221
Forest, Elisha G. versus Green S. Poplin, administrator of the estate of Jonathan Wood, deceased and John P. Wood, a citizen of the state of Alabama 136
Fowler, James S. 70
Franklin County, Tennessee 418
Freeman, Othaniel 256
Freeman, Sally Malina 256
Frelick, Adam 162
Frierson, E. J. 22
Galbreath, Hezekiah Rushing 101
Galbreath, William 242
Gant, Abraham B. 388
Gant, Eliza Jane 388
Gant, Elizabeth 388
Gant, James 388
Gant, Jessee B. 388
Gant, John 388
Gant, Lewis 388
Gant, Nancy 388
Gant, William 388
George, Thomas, Robert Earp, Thomas P. Hooper, and William B. Wolf, citizens of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, merchants and partners trading under the firm and style of Earp, Hooper and Wolf versus William Gilchrest, a citizen of Little Rock, Arkansas 313
Gibson and Cooper 244
Gibson and Cooper, list of outstanding accounts 250
Gibson County, Tennessee 51
Gibson, Samuel K., deceased 244
Gibson, William B. administrator of Samuel K. Gibson, deceased of Coffee County, Tennessee versus Micajah D. Cooper 244
Gifford, A. 388
Gifford, Sarah Caroline, 388
Gilchrist, Catherine 298
Gilchrist, Daniel versus Jessee Watson and James Hoover 239
Gilchrist, Madeleine 298
Gilchrist, Malcolm 298
Gilchrist, Sarah 298
Gilchrist, William 54, 313
Gilchrist, William, deceased 298
Giles County, Tennessee 92, 141, 215
Granville County, North Carolina 315
Green S. Poplin, administrator of the estate of Jonathan Wood, deceased 136
Gregory, Rachael 1
Gregory, Thomas 1
Griggs, Jane versus Robert W. Griggs, Bill for divorce 416
Griggs, Robert W 416
Guy, William R. 130
Hack, Rufus N. 119
Hancock, Martin 291
Hancock, Samuel 291
Hardin County, Tennessee 388
Harris County, Georgia 262
Harris, Israel 215
Harris, Martha, 215
Harris?, Charlotte, 170
Harris?, James G. 170
Harrison, Elizabeth 394
Harrison, Elizabeth H., executrix of Robert P. Harrison, deceased 394
Harrison, Jacob 162
Harrison, Robert P., deceased 394
Harrison, Robert P., elected clerk to the board of County Common School Commissioners for Bedford County 394
Harrison, Robert versus James Mullins and J. B. Bell 321
Hartson, Nancy 388
Hartson, Samuel 388
Hastings, John 117
Haywood, George N., a citizen of Marshall County, Tennessee versus William Gilchrest, Madeleine Gilchrist, Catherine Gilchrest, Malcolm Gilchrist, Sarah Gilchrest, minor heirs at law of William Gilchrest, deceased by their guardian William J. Whitthorne 298
Head, Enoch, deceased 215
Head, James W., Charlotte Head, widow of Enoch Head, deceased, Littleton Arnett and wife Sarah versus Jessee P. Tucker and wife Elizabeth, Israel Harris and wife Martha, and John A. Head 215
Head, John A. 215
Hicks, Minerva, 170
Hicks, William B. 170
Hime, John, deceased 240
Hime, William versus James Christian 240
Holland, John A 234
Holt Michael Jr., 56
Holt, Joshua 56
Homes, William 18
Hooper, Thomas P. 313
Hoosier, William 29
Hoover, James 239
House, Cuddly P. S. 14, 17
Hugh, Caswell 96
Hunter, Ephriam versus William Sharpe, a resident of Bedford County Tennessee, Martin Hancock, and Samuel Hancock who reside in Coffee County, Tennessee 291
Illinois 418
Ivy, Mary Ann 1
Ivy, Nathan 1
Jacob Rogers & Co. 116
Jett, William S. 75
John Claxton, deceased, 141
Johnson, Burrell J. 262
Johnson, John administrator of Joseph Johnson, deceased 262
Johnson, Joseph, deceased 262
Johnson, Susanna 262
Jolly, William 173
Jones, John R. 107
Jones, Samuel 242
Knight, Alan versus Bennett Culley and James S. Fowler, a citizen of Missouri 70
Knight, Gabriel B. 114
Knight, Gabriel B. and Guardian of Mary E Williams 221
Lancaster District, South Carolina; 262
Langston Cunningham, deceased 364
Lee, Peter, administrator of Hugh Snelling, deceased versus Lemuel Snelling, John Snelling, Susanna Searcy, James H. Arnold and wife Louisa H., Robert S. McConnell and wife Fanny, and Elizabeth Snelling, an idiot whose Guardian is John A. Moore 28
Leil, Coffman versus Michael Marcus 99
Lentz, John J. 7
Lincoln County, Tennessee 418
Little Rock, Arkansas 313
Little, William 22, 239
Lloyd, Joseph’s heirs 239
Long, M. A. 4
Long, William L. and Rufus N. Hack, surviving partners of the firm of William L. Long and Company and Samuel Doak versus the Union Bank of Tennessee 119
Looney, William R., executor of William M. Russell, deceased versus George W. Whitsell and wife Mary Delitha Whitsell 255
Lot number 33 in the plan of the town of Shelbyville 143
Lot number 34 in the plan of the town of Shelbyville 143
Lot number 74 in the plan of the town of Shelbyville 55
Lowell, John K. 4
Madison County, Tennessee 41
Marcus and Leil 99
Marcus, Michael 99
Marshall County, Tennessee 154, 159, 458
Martin, Barkeley, deceased 432
Martin, Henry C., deceased 426
Martin, Mary Elizabeth 426
Martin, Matt Sr., deceased 434
Martin, Matt, Jr., executor of Matt Martin Sr., deceased 437
Mason, William 335
Matthews, Robert 116
Mayfield, Abraham 4, 116
Mayfield, John W. 116, 458
Mayfield, S. W. 7
McAdams, James 279
McAmie, William 56
McCary, Joseph versus Thomas J. Purdy, Alexander Eakin, John Eakin, and William G. Cowan 85
McClure, Keller 242
McConnell, Fanny 28
McConnell, Robert S. 28
McCullough, Ellender versus Orville Muse, 408
McGrew, William S. 139
McGrew, William T. 75
McKinley, Joseph M., Guardian 130
McKissick, Daniel 54
McLain, Thomas A. 130
Mecklenburg County, Virginia 6
Missouri 70, 418
Mitchell, Samuel 130
Monday,?, a citizen of the state of Mississippi 56
Moore, John A. Guardian of Elizabeth Snelling, an idiot 28
Mosley, Isham 56
Mosley, Thomas B. 1
Mosley, Thomas B., administrator of the estate of Henry and Elizabeth Martin, deceased, William D. Martin, Amanda J. Martin and Sarah M. A. Martin, minors whose guardian is William B. Martin versus Matt Martin and Edward A. Mosley 426
Moss, Elizabeth 4
Moss, James J. 4
Moss, Samuel, deceased 4
Motlow, John 173
Mullins, James 210
Mullins, Matthew versus Horacio G. Clagett 453
Murfree, William 239
Muse, Orville 408
Neil, Joseph 7
Neil, Newton S., John K. Lowell, and Elizabeth Moss versus Abraham Mayfield et al. 4
Newsom, Thomas versus John Sutton and Minos Cannon 87
Nichols, John 203
Nimrod Bearden, 170
Norton, William versus Sarah Burditt, Nathan Ivy in his own right and as Guardian of Giles P. Burditt, Samuel S. Burditt, Elizabeth G. Burditt, William H. Burditt, Hampton Burditt, Kenneth G. Burditt and Sarah Burditt, minors heirs of William Burditt, Matilda Burditt and Mary Ann Ivy, William Conn and Paulina His wife, Thomas Gregory and wife Rachael all of Bedford County, TN and William Cavin? and wife who reside in the State of Missouri 1
Orange County, North Carolina 101
Parsons, Thomas S., administrator of John Claxton, deceased, a citizen of Giles County, Tennessee versus James Claxton and Benjamin Brown 141
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 313
Phillips, Benjamin versus Robert T. Cannon, administrator of Archibald Dobson, deceased 143
Phillips, Samuel 75
Pollack, Samuel 117
Porter, Elizabeth H. 335
Potter, William 274
Powell, James Robert 327
Powell, Mary P. versus Thomas P. Powell 324
Powell, Peymore? 327
Powell, Richard Henry 327
Powell, Robert, deceased 210
Powell, Robert, deceased, report of the estate sale 329
Powell, Thomas P. 327
Powell, Thomas P. versus James Mullins and Thomas C. Whiteside 210
Pratt, Catherine 61
Pratt, George 61
Pratt, William 61
Public Jail and Penitentiary House of the State of Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee 113
Purdy, Thomas J. 85
Ray, Alexander versus William Potter 274
Ray, Delilah versus James Ray, Bill for divorce 113
Ray, James 113
Ray, John W. 51
Ray, Lewis G. 388
Redden, Elizabeth 262
Redden, Elizabeth, deceased 263
Redden, Emaline 262
Redden, John 262
Redden, Joseph 262
Redden, Mark 262
Redden, Martha 262
Redden, Mathilda 262
Redden, Robert 262
Redden, Susanna 262
Redden, William 262
Reed, Anderson 101
Reed, Robert 101
Reed, Samuel A. 279, 286
Reeves, Benjamin G. 373
Reeves, Tarleton J., deceased 373
Reeves, Tarleton J., deceased, account of estate 382
Rendleman, John 279
Reynolds, David 418
Reynolds, Henry 418
Reynolds, John 418
Reynolds, Moses 418
Reynolds, Richard 418
Reynolds., Andrew, a resident of Franklin County, Tennessee, administrator of James Warren Reynolds, deceased versus Arthur Campbell and wife Elizabeth, Henry Reynolds, John Reynolds, a resident of Lincoln County Tennessee, David Reynolds, a resident of Illinois, Richard Reynolds a resident of Missouri, Moses Reynolds 418
Ridley, B. L. 1
Robinson, Adeline, a citizen of Marshall County, Tennessee versus John W. Mayfield and Richard Warner 458
Robinson, Elizabeth 335
Robinson, Seymour, last will and testament 335
Robinson, William 20
Rogers, George , surviving partner of the late firm of Jacob Rogers & Co., a citizen of Baltimore, Maryland versus John W. Mayfield, Abraham Mayfield, Robert Matthews, and William Blanton 116
Rollin, Rosal versus Samuel Thompson and Newcomb Thompson, Sr. 190
Rowlett, Peter 132
Russell, James R. 256
Russell, James R., deceased 256
Russell, Joel C. 256
Russell, Leona Butler 256
Russell, Margaret Ann 256
Russell, Martha Elizabeth 256
Russell, Martha Freeman 256
Russell, Mary Ophelia 256
Russell, Samuel S. 256
Russell, William A. 256
Russell, William E. 256
Russell, William M., deceased 255
Rutherford County, Tennessee 153
Rutherford County, Tennessee 215
Rutledge, David 51
Sadler, James 114
Sadler, James 237
Scott, William 107
Searcy, Susanna 28
Shappard, Lewis 242
Sharon, Zachariah 6
Sharpe, William 291
Sims, Ann H. 234
Sims, John C. 139
Sims, John G. 229
Sims, Richard 56
Sims, Richard H., Guardian of Mary R. Davis and Charlotte Davis, exparte petition 208
Sims, Walter H 229
Sims, Walter H. and John C. Sims, citizens of Williamson County, Tennessee versus William S. McGrew 139
Smith, Herbert 228
Smith, James 56
Smith, Martin versus Jeremiah Ellis, a citizen of Davidson County, Tennessee 186
Snelling Lemuel 28
Snelling, Elizabeth, an idiot 28
Snelling, Hugh, deceased 28
Snelling, John 28
Snelling, Nancy, deceased 28
Steele, C. D. 19
Steele, Carlos D., administrator of James G.Whitney versus Peter Rowlett, a citizen of the state of Arkansas 132
Steele, John P. and John L. Cooper versus James McAdams, John Sutton, Samuel A. Reed, J. C. Strong, James A. Doley, John Rendleman 279
Stokes, Kinchen 29
Strong, J. C. 279, 286
Sugg, Nehemiah 153
Sugg, William 153
Surdesant?, John 336
Sussex County, Virginia 324
Sutton, John 87
Sutton, John 279, 286
T. C. Connally and Brother 41
Taylor, S. F.? 18
Taylor, William W. 173
Terry, John 6
Thomas G. Wilson of the Parish of Caddo, Louisiana, Deed to John G. Sims, Wallace H. Sims, and Boyd M. Sims of Williamson County Tennessee 234
Thompson, Calvin 41
Thompson, Elizabeth 104
Thompson, George 56
Thompson, James 41
Thompson, John 104
Thompson, Joseph 56, 221
Thompson, Joseph, administrator of Tarleton J. Reeves, deceased versus administrator Benjamin G. Reeves 373
Thompson, Martha 41
Thompson, Newcomb 41
Thompson, Newcomb, Sr. 190
Thompson, Samuel 190
Thompson, Samuel G., a minor who sues by his guardian Joseph M. McKinley versus Samuel Mitchell, Thomas A. McLain, and John B. Cooper 130
Trott, Enoch 101, 104
Tucker, Jessee P. 215
Tucker, W. E. 6
Tucker,Elizabeth, 215
Union Bank of Tennessee 119
Vannoy, Andrew 7
Virginia 173
Virginia, state of 96
Walker, James A Citizen of Coffee County Tennessee versus William Brown 110
Walker, Patton M. 112
Walsh, George T. and his wife Nancy, 170
Walsh, Nancy, 170
Warner, Richard 458
Warren Reynolds, deceased 418
Washington County Arkansas 217
Watson, Jessee 239
Wayne County, Tennessee 388
Whirter, Thomas, 221
White, Coleman R., deceased 315
White, Ruthie B. 315
Whiteside, Thomas C. 210
Whitney, James G. 132
Whitsell, George W. 255
Whitsell, Mary Delitha 255
Whitthorne, William J. 298
Whorley, Cynthia 217
Whorley, Joel versus Elizabeth Brown, Rachel Brown, Jesse Brown, Thomas Brown, Daniel C. Brown, Cynthia Whorley, John Brown, Hiram?  Brown, and Henry Brown, and William Brown, a citizen of Washington County Arkansas 217
Wiggins, James 56
Wiggins, John 56
Wilhoite, John 115
Wilhoite, Willis W. versus William T. McGrew, William S. Jett and Samuel Phillips 75
William Allison and Thomas Allison, executors of Robert Allison, deceased versus John Crook and Ruthie B. Crook, formally Ruthie B. White, his wife, Coleman R. Crook, Mary Jane Crook, Eliza P. Crook, Elizabeth M. Crook, Colia? S. Crook, Francis C. Crook, children of said John and Ruthie B. Crook 315
William Gilchrest, 298
William L. Long and Company 119
William Wood, 104
Williams, Ann 220
Williams, Any A., 221
Williams, Carson 220
Williams, Elizabeth 221
Williams, Elizabeth M, 221
Williams, Ephriam 220
Williams, Evaline 220
Williams, George 220
Williams, James 220
Williams, Jessee E., deceased, 220
Williams, John W. and wife Regiah, formally Regiah Cunningham, William W. Cunningham, Nancy E. Cunningham, Benjamin B. Cunningham, Langston C. Cunningham, Joseph A. Cunningham, Sergeant Cunningham, Mary Elizabeth Cunningham and Lucy Ann Cunningham, children of Benjamin B. Cunningham, deceased versus Jessee R. Edwards, administrator of the estate of John Cunningham Sr., deceased and guardian of Lucy E. Edwards ,David Edwards and James C. Edwards 340
Williams, Judah 220
Williams, Julia A,. 221
Williams, Mary 220
Williams, Mary E., 221
Williams, Neil 220
Williams, Peggy 220
Williams, Philip 220
Williams, Regiah 340
Williams, Rhody 220
Williams, Thomas C. versus Blackman G. Dobson and wife Martha Jane 220
Williamson County Tennessee 234
Williamson County, Tennessee 139
Wilson, Ann H. 234
Wilson, Ebenezer 22
Wilson, Fordyke? 22
Wilson, James 154
Wilson, John versus John W. Ray and David Rutledge, a citizen of Gibson County, Tennessee 51
Wilson, Thomas D. of Caddo Parish, Louisiana, Power of attorney to John A Holland of Williamson County Tennessee 234
Winston, Samuel 56
Wolf, William B. 313
Wood, Andrew R. 72
Wood, Ann 104
Wood, Handy 104
Wood, John P. 136
Wood, Jonathan, deceased 136
Wood, Lafayette 104
Wood, Larkin J. 20
Wood, Lenoir 104
Wood, Lewis?, deceased 104
Wood, Louisa, a citizen Orange County in the state of North Carolina versus Enoch Trott and Clement Cannon 101
Wood, Lucy Carroll 256
Wood, Maria 104
Wood, Martha 104
Wood, Mary 104
Wood, Robert 104
Wood, Silas 104
Wood, Vestal 104
Word, William, trustee versus Elizabeth H. Harrison, George Davidson, and Thomas Davis 394
Yancy, Alexander 96
Yancy, Elizabeth 96
Yancy, Ferris 96
Yancy, Henry, James Yancy, William Yancy, Elizabeth Yancy, Ferris Yancy, Louisa Yancy, Rebecca Yancy, and Jane Yancy, minors by their Guardian and next friend and brother Henry Yancy and Alexander Yancy, a citizen of the state of Virginia and Elizabeth Yancy versus Cornell Brooks and Caswell Hugh 96
Yancy, James 96
Yancy, Jane 96
Yancy, Louisa 96
Yancy, Rebecca 96
Yancy, William 96
Yell, Archibald 221
Yell, Percy 29
Yowell, Jessee M. versus Alexander Allan and William A. Allen, a citizen Giles County , Tennessee 92
Yowell, Jessee M., a citizen of Marshall County, Tennessee versus Alexander Coleman, Allen Coleman, and Jesse Coleman 159


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