Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research

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GSC Associates provides mathematics, statistics and operations research services for our clients. These include:

  1. Mathematics: We have extensive experience in applying mathematical techniques to solve real-world problems. Our projects have included development of mathematical function and subroutine libraries, numerical analysis, approximation theory, evaluating the accuracy of computational techniques, solutions of differential equations, linear algebra, classical and optimal control theory and mathematical modeling.
  2. Statistics: We have extensive experience in applying statistical techniques to solve real-world problems.  Our projects have included design of experiments, analysis of experimental data, and using statistical techniques in expert systems.
  3. Operations Research: We have extensive experience in operations research.  Our projects have included modeling and analyzing personnel systems, optimization of factory operations and process yields, evaluation of military operations and equipment, planning and scheduling of complex systems, and assisting managers in making optimal decisions by applying decision theory and forecasting techniques.

Also see the separate page on how we apply mathematics, statistics and operations research to our modeling, simulation, and analysis capabilities.

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