Easily and Reliably Photograph Documents on Microfilm Using Your Digital Camera!

The GSC Associates DCM-1 Microfilm Camera Mount

The DCM-1 in use on a Northwest Microfilm reader

The biggest problem using a digital camera to photograph images from microfilm is holding the camera steady enough to take repeatable, high-quality images. Because you cannot use the camera's flash in these situations, long exposure times are required. Holding the camera steady enough by hand is impossible and tripods are not easily used. The GSC Associates Microfilm Camera Mount (DCM-1) is the solution to this problem. 

In most cases, images taken with your digital camera and the GSC Associates DCM-1 are higher quality than prints that can be produced on a microfilm printers. In addition,  there is no cost to take photographs of microfilm images using your own digital camera. Most libraries and archives charge from $.25 to $.50 per page to print a page from microfilm on their microfilm printers. This is in addition to the inconvenience locating the image you wish to print on the microfilm using a non-printing microfilm reader and then, in most cases, dismounting the film, taking it to a microfilm printer, remounting the film, and then finding the image again.

The GSC Associates DCM-1 works with the most microfilm readers found in libraries, archives, and Family History Centers that have a 3/4" high top shelf where the microfilm mounts. This includes the Dukane MDP and the Northwest NMI 2020. The mount will not work without modification on those few readers without a horizontal shelf to which the mount can be attached. Such readers include those with front projection screens (such as the Dukane 2727) and readers where the film mounts below the viewing surface (such as the Indus Super Carrel.) Photos of various types of microfilm readers are available here.

The Online Instruction Manual and Tutorial (Using a Digital Camera to Photograph Images on Microfilm) for the DCM-1 is available on-line.

GSC Associates DCM Specifications:

  1. ruggedly constructed of aluminum, zinc plated stainless steel, and PVC plastic,
  2. mounts on any microfilm viewer with a horizontal top shelf approximately 3/4 inch in thickness,
  3. mounts the camera at the proper offset and angle for optimal picture taking,
  4. attaches to any digital or analog camera using the camera's standard 1/4-20 mounting hole, and
  5. comes with complete instructions for using your digital camera to take optimal pictures of microfilm images.

Ordering the camera mount

GSC Associates Digital Camera Mount
DCM-1 $30.95

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