Search of Deed Indices for a single name
Volume 1 and Volume 2, 1807-1875

Catalog number BCT-DEI-3

This service will search the direct and reverse indices in both Deed Index, Volume 1 (1807-1840) and Deed Index, Volume 2 (1840-1875) of Bedford County, Tennessee for a single individual specified by full name (surname and given name) for a $5.00 fee. The results are returned to you by e-mail, typically within one business day. Competing services, such as the one offered by TSLA, will search only a five year range (not the 67 year range that our service searches), take 4-6 weeks, and cost $10.00. Click here to order a search of the deed indices.

For example, a search on the surname "William Martin" would return the following results to you by email:


Grantor and Grantee

Book/page Year

William Martin Grant

A 248 1808

William Martin from James Adams

G 469  1817

William Martin from James Adams

M 476 1820

William Martin from John Holms

N 131 1820

William B. Martin from James A. McClure

T 285 1825

William Martin from Edwin C. Hunter

BB 70 1830

W. R. Martin to Thomas B. Jeffries

EE 122  1834
William and Nancy Martin to William Young PP 169 1847
William Martin to W. Garrot and P. Martin QQ 241 1848

The information in deed indices is not always accurate. Deeds may: not be indexed at all, mis-indexed at the wrong page number, indexed under only one of a set of names (such as "Smith and Jones to Gates" is only indexed under "Smith" in the direct index), or indexed under the wrong name entirely (such as under "Morton" rather than "Martin" or "Meaders" rather than "Medearis".) 

Once a deed of interest is identified in the index (see BCT-DEI-1 and BCT-DEI-2) or in a list of deeds returned by this search service, a copy can be ordered from us using the grantee, grantor, deed book name, and page number given in the index (see BCT-DEE-1).

Before ordering, you should review the license agreement.

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